✵ Primero Tatuaje ✵

They say there is a story behind every tattoo. Mine is simple. In fact - the most common one, in my personal opinion. Ribbon. Colorless. Seems childish, I know but the heart wants what it wants. Got my first tattoo 4 years ago, it was a long overdue plan and I didn’t want to push… Continue reading ✵ Primero Tatuaje ✵

Personal Growth

3 Steps To Start Reading.

The most frequent question I received from people is how I practice an avid reading lifestyle. It was not something that I have developed over the years, it came naturally to me as I have always been interested in reading as a little kid ;  my favorite spot is indeed the library. I remember, when… Continue reading 3 Steps To Start Reading.


5 People That I will Never Forget.

  As long as we live, we are prone to meeting new people, and these people often be our friends, or quite common - ENEMIES. *A little flashback*  You met a kid in primary school, you played together, you both get along so well, years past and now he or she is your childhood a.k.a best friend… Continue reading 5 People That I will Never Forget.