7 Vegan Products To Try Now

Many moons ago, I used to purchase anything from the drugstore aisle that deemed to be good. I read the packaging and the promises and pick the one that I think would work the best. But it all changed when I purchased my first vegan product – how it felt on my skin is significantly different from products filled with harmful chemicals.

There are many reasons one can choose to opt for vegan products; one of them is the fact that vegan products contain less harmful chemicals and, in some case, none at all. Paraben is considered the standard type of preservative found in almost all skincare products because it is inexpensive and practical to shield harmful bacteria from destroying the skincare product. However, Parabens are also known as Xenoestrogens. In other words, these chemicals can mimic the hormone estrogen in your body as it binds the estrogen receptors in your body. This estrogenic activity may lead to breast cancer development. Although many skincare companies are gradually going Paraben-free, there are still alternatives that can cause harm to your skin.

The other reason would be the obvious one – the process will not harm any animal. These products neither tested on animals nor use products derived from animals. I have always loved animals and wouldn’t want to use any product that resulted from an animal’s pain. I know I cannot stop the production, but I would be at peace knowing that I am not physically applying the product on my skin. Apart from that, vegan products are also suitable for those who have sensitive skin; there are fewer ingredients used in vegan skincare products; hence the chances of encountering a specific component that may irritate the skin is low.

In other words, it is similar to our diet; Junk foods are usually the wrong option for the negative impact they can have on our body. We are not sure the ingredients used to make them, and most of them are preservatives that can be harmful to our wellbeing. In contrast, we are encouraged to have a clean diet that includes fresh vegetables and fruits. Hence why just like the food we put into our body, we need also to be conscious of the products we apply to our skin.

Having said that, I will be sharing seven vegan products from 5 brands that I have every confidence in when it comes to choosing the ones with utmost quality. They are a vital part of my self-care routine that covers from head to toe. Some of the products get your money’s worth as they are also multi-purpose. Keep reading the blog post!

Made By Radw

Made by Radw is a local skincare brand that focuses on boosting the self-esteem of women folk by resolving various skin and hair problems. The company came to be after its founder, Ewuradwoa Ahwoi, experience extreme acne breakout and scarring. Products include “Shea Butter” & “African Black Soap”, which come in three variants; Pure Shea Butter, Lavender and Peppermint.

The products are made from the shea nut, ash of palm and plantain leaves, making it 100 % plant-based. Not only that, but these products are also versatile – can be used for face, body and hair. The quantity is generous whilst the quality is top-notch. For your information, I replaced my regular curl definer gel with the shea butter because it sets my curls well while making them last longer. My curls can stay up to 4 days without a bonnet. However, it might not make your curls puffy or add volume because shea butter is heavy. Nevertheless, it does its job well in maintaining the curls while adding moisture to the hair.

As for the African Black soap, I cut the soap into two parts and use it for two different purposes, 1) As a face wash on regular days and wash my make-up off. This soap is perfect for a double cleansing routine as it washes off residues from the make-up, especially mascara, effectively. In addition, the gentle cleansing will not rip natural oil from your skin and leaving it to feel softer after wash. These products are suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin, unless you are allergic to the ingredients used to make them.

  • Shea Butter RM65 (Pure Shea Butter)
  • Shea Butter RM69 (Lavender, Peppermint)
  • African Black Soap RM52
  • African Black Soap RM55 (Lavender, Peppermint)
  • Where to purchase : Made By Radw

Good Virtues Co

Good Virtue Co isn’t foreign to Malaysians; evermore, all of their products are Halal with high quality and safety standards, and they only use ingredients that are safe and respectful to the environment. Moreover, the products are also free from Mineral Oil, SLES, ALES, Parabens, synthetic colourants. Finally, the cherry on the cake is, they only use 100% non-animal derived ingredients and safe for your wallet too. This brand has been around for quite some time now, and the first product I tried was their Multiple Repair Hair Serum. It was an impulsive buy because I wanted to keep my wild hair tamed, and it was available in My News. However, I didn’t regret the purchase at all. Fast forward four years later, I am still using the very same hair serum every single day. 

Earlier this year, I made a massive purchase from Watsons Malaysia, and a majority of the products are from Good Virtue Co. I got their sleeping mask, body scrub, deodorant, Eau de Toilette, body wash, to name a few. I love every single product of theirs, but I do have an extraordinary love for their sleeping masks and body scrub. So I have been searching for an affordable face mask that works, even if it’s the bare minimum, and that’s when I stumble upon the Water Sleeping Mask. The main ingredient in this sleeping mask is Organic Habbatus Sauda oil, also known as Black Seed oil; in fact, all of their products have this ingredient. Apart from that, they also added rose and peony extract. I have been using this for almost five months now, twice a week, and it helped keep my face moisturized, which is my priority.

Texture of water sleeping mask

My second favorite is the Skin Renewal and Lightening body salt scrub. Honestly, I only got this because I wanted a mild body scrub for my skin and, again, affordable, so I gave this a try. And yes, I fell in love with it the moment I opened the lid. The scent is so heavenly, so soothing. As for the function, it is like every other mild body scrub; it cleanses dead cell from your skin and doesn’t hurt because too coarse, but it will give you a good shower moment because of the scent, precisely the reason I love it.

Texture of skin renewal and lightening body salt scrub

There are a lot more products to try and I will, sometime in the future but so far, these are my personal favorites. And yes, their make up remove is also remarkable.

Antipodes ®

I came to know about Antipodes® around a year ago when they approached me for a collaboration. After a bit of research, I discovered that Antipodes® is a Scientific Green Beauty™ company from New Zealand that uses pollution-free, results-driven native New Zealand ingredients in its award-winning plant-powered vegan beauty™ and certified organic premium skincare range. In addition, founder and CEO Elizabeth Barbalich has a background in science and innovation, so she understands how to bridge the gap between natural and prestigious formulations– by using only those products made from sustainable healthy ingredients with skin-enhancing properties that pass robust scientific testing. So naturally, I was intrigued and agreed to collaborate with them. 

One of the products that I received was Antipodes Halo-Skin Brightening Facial Mud Mask. This mud musk is currently the topmost of the list of mud/clay masks I love. The smell itself is therapeutic for me – a smooth blend of vanilla pod and raspberry seed oil mixed with the mud produces a sweet scent, almost like Palo Santo, which de-stresses me. I am not a fan of strongly scented products because it irritates my noise, resulting in continuous sneezing and migraine, so this product came like a holy grail.

It is reasonably easy to apply it on my face – although a tiny spatula is available in the packaging, I prefer using my mask brush. As for the time it takes to dry is significantly longer than standard mud/clay masks; hence it will take more than the usual 15 minutes. The skin does feel a little tight like a regular clay mask, but it’s not uncomfortable. However, the removal process is a little complex; hence I use a face flannel or a facial sponge to remove it. Nevertheless, my skin feels instantly fresh and smooth after the rinse off. However, I wouldn’t recommend this for those with dry skin as properties in this dries out the skin; hence the chances of the skin feeling drier is notably high. If you have normal, oily or combination skin, this one is perfect for you.

Since Antipodes® products are imported from New Zealand, the price is higher than all the other products I have suggested earlier, but I can vouch that the quality is exceptional. There are many products available on their website based on your requirement, either skincare, body or lips. I would also recommend checking out their Kiwi Seed Gold Luminous Eye Cream and Kiwi Seed Oil Lip Conditioner. 

  • Antipodes Halo Skin Brightening Facial Mud Mask, Full Size (RM177)
  • Antipodes Halo Skin Brightening Facial Mud Mask, Mini Size (RM45)
  • For more product information : Antipodes
  • Where to purchase : Zalora

Ethereal Spa and Salon

Another great find through collaboration, Ethereal Spa & Salon, has got some of the best body care products. A homegrown brand, Ethereal Spa & Salon offers vegan products while giving you the best self-care experience. They value quality over quantity to ensure what their customers apply on their skin is safe and healthy. The unique thing about this brand is that they also provide services such as Keratin Lash Lifting Treatment, Aromatherapy Massage, and facials. Still, today I will be sharing about the products only as I have not tried their services.

I tried their lip scrub, body mist and body scrub, so if I were to choose my favourite, I would choose the body scrub; however, I will be sharing my experience using all of them. The Exfoliating and Moisturizing Sugar Body Scrub blend with essential oils and five specific oils (coconut, castor, Moroccan argan, olive and jojoba) ensures your skin gets the required exfoliation without damaging your skin. The smooth consistently ensure your skin does not end up turning red due to inflammation. The exfoliating process causes the skin to dry up; however, this scrub contains many ingredients that lock in moisture during the process; hence your skin feels clean and soft by the end of it.

Ethereal’s body mist, is made from natural ingredients and can be customized to your preference, hence I went with the blend of 3 essential oils (lavender, rose geranium and peppermint). The body mist also stays up to four hours, but you can always re-spray if required. As for the lips scrub, it is mild as our lips are usually thinner and delicate. This product smells amazing and with generous amount of shea butter and oils to ensure your lips receives the required hydration. I love how my lips feels afterwards.

Naturally Handmade

I was introduced to Naturally Handmade when I attended the Butterfly Wellness event by The Butterfly Project. It was a clay mask workshop, and I had a great time learning about the different type of clays and their usage for each one. So I made my own. I believe it’s a mixture of pink clay and another ingredient that I cannot recall, as it has been some time since I got this done. Nevertheless, I wanted to add this to my list because I have tried this out, and it was terrific.

The clay mask works like every other clay masks that you can find in the market. What I like about Naturally Handmade is their honesty when it comes to the ingredients used to make these products. And as someone that is conscious about what I am buying, I want to know what is exactly in the products I used, specially on my face, because its the first thing people notice. I have not experienced any allergic reaction upon using this but I am not sure how it will work on sensitive skin. Again, clay mask isn’t suitable for dry skin since it draw out oil. As for this DIY clay mask, I usually add in oil, preferably coconut or olive oil. It leaves my face feel fresh and clean, which is again, usual for clay masks.

I recently browsed through their website and found some exciting products for the face and body. I gravitated to their CLARIFYING CLAY MASK, which I have added to my cart. I will review that once I have tried it for perhaps two weeks; hence, look for the review in a month. As I got this DIY clay mask as part of the event, I am not able to share the price as I am not aware of it as well. However, based on their website, their mask and scrubs rank anywhere between RM55 to RM75, it will be an equivalent substitute to Antipodes’ clay mask if you are under a strict budget.


Purchasing a vegan product is an experience of its own. Many brands offer good quality products, but it will still require your interest in selecting the one that works best for you. Your skin type plays a considerable role, and your budget is coming second on the list. I do find highly recommended and read great reviews on products that are over my budget. I searched about this because I have always been curious about why vegan products are way more expensive than their counterparts. The answer is supply and demand. The demand for vegan products is limited as there aren’t many consumers who want to switch from their current skincare routine; hence, the companies cannot scale up the products to reduce the cost. So, the solution is to have more people understand the importance of switching to vegan-friendly products – for personal care and the love of Earth. 


Do you have any vegan products suggestion? If yes, don’t forget to comment below, afterall sharing is caring, right?

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