Self-Care groove with Signature Market

I am a true believer that self-care includes every part of your lifestyle. That consists of the products you use on your face, the food you eat, the drinks you consume, the books you read and generally how you take care of yourself. Self-care should cover every aspect of yourself – mind, body and soul. When it comes to taking care of my mind, I have a routine that I follow every day:

  • Hot shower accompanied with soothing scented essential products like shower cream, shampoo, hair mask etc.
  • Diffuser with aromatherapy essential oil
  • I am reading a book while listening to my favourite playlist.

Another important details in my routine, I need to ensure the products used are of good quality, natural and organic. This is why I prefer purchasing my self care essentials from Signature Market as they take pride in sourcing only the best wholesome products and selling it at an affordable price. Healthy lifestyle should be affordable & accessible to everyone and they are providing exactly the same.

Signature Market.

This online marketplace is not foreign to locals – over the last few years this company grew to become one of the most trusted websites to purchase products you need to sustain a healthy lifestyle, from the comfort of your sofa. From trail mix nuts, to healthy beverages and and personal care products, how convenient is that? I could go on talking about Signature Market and their products but my focus in this post, will be their Functional Kits & Starter Kits, Aromatherapy Diffuser and Personal Care products. First of all, I love their brand new packaging for all the essential oils and personal care – minimalistic and aesthetically pleasing!

Plant Origins Aromatherapy Bluetooth Diffuser

Imagine waking up to soft skin, smooth lips and less flaky, less dry skin. Of course, if you moisturize well, you would have that too, but imagine all that. Aaah, that’s the dream. I’ve been living in Malaysia my whole life, and I know how hot and humid the weather can get at times, and that is when I turn to my cooling unit, the air-conditioner. Generally, air-conditioners pull moisture from the air to reduce humidity, and when the air is dry, it draws water from your skin, which dries it out. Apart from that, I have sinus, and if you have it too, then I am sure you are able to relate to how air-conditioning can sometimes be a nightmare; I sneeze a lot.

Dry air affects the sinuses because it damages the cilia that filter out the bacteria and debris in the mucus membrane lining the nasal and sinus cavities. After doing some research, I figured out a way that ensures I enjoy a cool room and not suffer from neither dry skin nor continuous sneezing; I’ll need to invest in a diffuser. 

What is a diffuser?

A diffuser is a device that increases humidity (moisture) in a single room while making the space smell wonderful. However, most single area spaces like the bedroom or living room are typical to find a humidifier. There are various types of diffusers available in the market, again based on the purpose or usage – portable ones being the favourite of the lot. To be precise, portable humidifiers come in various sizes, from tabletop to a large floor-mounted unit, which requires manual filling of the water intermittently based on the device requirement. 

1. Plant Origins Aromatherapy Bluetooth Diffuser

  • Price : RM220 (RM129.90, Member Price)
  • Color Option : White
  • Comes with a built in speaker

My experience : When I started my research for a diffuser, I was sure of what I want ; a diffuser that does its job and lasts for at least a year, minimum. So, I purchased my first diffuser and used it for sometime before it went kaput within two months of purchase. I didn’t get one after that because I was caught up with my busy schedule. A couple of weeks ago, a representative from Signature Market contacted me and offered to sponsor one of their state of the art diffuser, I immediately agreed. And when I received the parcel and began to unbox, I was awe-stricken! The design and the features were out of the box, something I never came across months ago. I am familiar with diffusers and what they do, but a diffuser with a Bluetooth speaker is cherry on the cake. I do not prefer headphones if I am at home, I usually opt for playing songs or podcasts through my phone’s speaker so this is exactly what that got me excited to the peak. For the price, this definitely a steal a deal scenario.

The whole set includes Bluetooth Diffuser, a UK 3-pin plug, measuring cup and remote. Aromatherapy Essential oils are not included however, you should be able to purchase from Signature Market itself. There are variety of essential oils to choose at a very reasonable price. I will be sharing on few Signature Market essential oils as well at the end of this post. Undoubtedly, the diffuser itself is quite a catch; you are able to choose eight color for the light, with two intensity option ( dim and bright) and 3 mode to choose. The first mode is cycle of 7 colors, while the second mode allows you to choose one color to stay fix and the final mode is to off the light. This is a good option since you are able to choose one based on your mood. My personal favorite is blue and dimmed while I am writing, at night.

As for the refill, I usually add 3 cups of the measure cup and it lasts me for good 13 hours. I do it once in the morning, as soon as I wake up and once before I sleep. For you information, the diffuser shuts down automatically once water level in tank is low so that way you would know its time for refill. Since you can plug in the UK 3-pin plug to your switch socket, the diffuser will not shut down because of battery issue.

I honestly find this diffuser to be worth ever penny. It does its job, which is to humidify my space – alongside providing calm ambience with the aromatherapy essence flowing out of it while I listen to anything I want. And the remote, makes it a lot easier for me to make changes to mist timing, duration and flow from my bed. Moreover, the light is so soothing that I can switch on yet fall asleep easily.

2. Plant Origins Functional Kit

Plants Origins Functional Kit comes in three options to choose from based on our preference – Calm, Energize and Sleep. This set doesn’t come with a diffuser (checkout the Plants Origins Aromatherapy Starter Kit section for more information), but you will get a set of 4 essential oils in each category. You will also get a PUV leather pouch to keep the essential oils organized or carry them along while travelling.

My experience : The functional kit set that I am currently using is “Calm”. This set comes with four essential oils, Peace Of Mind, Lemongrass, Palmarosa and Rose Geranium. All of these come in a 10ml bottle and should last for 3-4 months if used alternatively, solely for diffuser purposes.

I am a writer by profession, and it requires many mental processes to write an article. I often find myself experiencing writer’s block or, worst-case scenario – an unbearable migraine; Hence, I use the “Peace of Mind” essential oil, a smooth blend of lavender and sandalwood, to feel better. Before I began my writing, I drop 2-3 droplets of the essential oil into a diffuser. The scent derived from the diffuser brings a sense of calmness allows the words to flow into my work. And in the case of a severe migraine, I usually sniff the scent from the bottle. It helps, perhaps not immediately, but it gradually decreases the throbbing due to the migraine.

The next one is Rose Geranium, it has a powerful rose scent, and it helps to calm anxiety which I agree with firmly, significantly making it my favourite for a good night routine scent. I drop 2-3 droplets of this essential oil into the diffuser then proceed with my night skincare routine. The smell instantly takes you into a garden full of roses and accompanied by soft piano music, and your night couldn’t be any better. I also add this into my face oil as part of my skincare routine, as rose geranium is one of the best antioxidants for our skin.

If you are looking to replicate a spa right at your home, I recommend going with either Palmarossa or Lemongrass. Every time I use one of these essential oils, it feels like I am in a Thai Spa. Relaxing and aromatherapeutic, no pun intended. This duo is my favourite when I want to feel comfort, listening to my best-loved playlist or reading my chosen book.

This is yet another recommended purchase from Signature Market, and if you are looking for other options then you might to check out : Plant Origins Functional Kit- Energise and Plant Origins Functional Kit- Sleep

3. Plant Origins Aromatherapy Starter Kit

Essential oils are one of natures best-kept secrets. I have personally used over 15 single oils and yet to try a lot more. I use it with my diffuser, add it into my skincare routine and sprinkle few drops on my pillow. On days when I am overwhelmed and stressed out, I inhale my favourite essential oil, Plant Origin’s “Peace Of Mind”. Trust me when I say that every new oil or blend of oils comes with a different experience that may help you make a better choice to change your life for the better.

If you are new to this and unsure where to begin, then getting the Aromatherapy Starter Kit will be a good choice. This collection comes in two options: Sweet Dreams & Spring Cleaning.  Following are extra details for your reference : 

Plant Origins Sweet Dreams Aromatherapy Starter Kit

It is perfect for when you want to unwind after a long day. A hot shower after a busy day is the TLC we need to wash away all the stress we experienced. And walking into a room with calming vibes is perfect and immediately shift your mood.

This set includes:
Plant Origins Good Night Sleep Essential Oil Blend (10ml)
Plant Origins Bulgarian Lavender Essential Oil (10ml)
Plant Origins Clary Sage Essential Oil (10ml)
Plant Origins Blood Orange Essential Oil (10ml)
Plant Origins Portable Diffuser (70ml)
Plant Origins Personal Travel Kit (4 items)

  • Body Wash (30ml)
  • Hand Soap (30ml)
  • Hair Shampoo (30ml)
  • Hair Mask (30ml)

Plant Origins Spring Cleaning Aromatherapy Starter Kit

Why stop at a peaceful night when you can also have a fresh morning? If you live in Malaysia and are a working adult, chances are you are living in the city. And as we all know, the air in town is highly polluted by dust, hazardous smoke released by factories and industries and the highest contributing factor – combustion of fossil fuels emitted by vehicles. I believe, at the moment, “You only live once” should echo in a more serious tone. This starter kit is perfect to start your day with a whiff of fresh air within your haven, your home.

This set includes:
Plant Origins Clean The Air Essential Oil Blend (10ml)
Plant Origins Tea Tree Essential Oil (10ml)
Plant Origins Peppermint Essential Oil (10ml)
Plant Origins Lime Essential Oil (10ml)
Plant Origins Portable Diffuser (70ml)
Plant Origins Personal Travel Kit (4 items)

  • Body Wash (30ml)
  • Hand Soap (30ml)
  • Hair Shampoo (30ml)
  • Hair Mask (30ml)

4. Plant Origins Personal Care

Personal care is part of a self-care routine, and for me, personal care should be, well, personal. If you have been reading my blog posts or following me on Instagram, then you might already know I love woody, natural scents. And guess what? All Plant Origin personal care products come with the same scent. I got the Travel Kit set, so I got four variants of personal care products – all in a 30ml bottle. It is perfect for a trial basis before investing in the 500 ml ones.

First of all, I would love to mention that the personal care products are at a very reasonable price. I’ve always shared my opinion openly that self-care doesn’t have to hurt your wallet, and Signature Market is making it a reality for me. You can purchase these separately, each 30ml at RM10. It is practical because you can either get it all at once or choose the one you would like to try.

My experience : Out of all the four options, my favourite is the shampoo and conditioning hair mask precisely because of the scent. These are infused with lavender, rosemary and peppermint; all three are essential for healthy hair. I have curly hair; hence I am very particular with the kind of products I apply to my mane. Based on my experience, they did not feel icky or leaving my hair dry, brittle, and straw-like after the wash – precisely what I look for in a product. And the critical point to note here for all the curly girls is that the shampoo and conditioner help build up the curls when I use curl cream to define them. I wanted to add this. After all, some shampoo and conditioner aren’t suitable for curly or coil hair because most of them strip the moisture off your hair instead of adding it. Not only my hair wash experience is relaxing, but it also feels refreshed afterwards.

I think Plant Origin’s hand soap is requisite for the current situation. We require a hand soap that cleanses while taking care of our hands. What I meant by taking care is to ensure our hands aren’t stripped of the nutrients to keep them moisturized since washing hands too much can cause skin irritation. Well, I did not face this with the Plant Origins’. Did I feel squeaky clean? Yes, I did but did it make it feel rough immediately after wash? Not at all. Infuse with Bergamot, Mandarin Rind and Ginger; the hand soap helps restore your skin’s natural pH balance and hydration levels while gently cleansing it from impurities. The scent very mild reminds me of nature but rest assured, very calming.

I am a massive collector of body wash products. I have different moods, and I want to compliment my spirit with the appropriate scented body wash. On regular days, I prefer body wash that has energizing scent to awake my “hibernating” brain waves. In contrast, I like a soothing, aromatherapy scent to call it a day and guess the one I am currently gravitating? Yes, Plant Origin’s Body Wash. First of all, the texture is remarkable, liquid-ish, almost oil-like hence it flows smoothly onto the loofah. The scent hits your nose as soon as you open the lid, and it gradually increases as you lather it on your skin. Tranquillizing! I didn’t want to wait until it winded up, so I got myself two quantities of the 300ml equivalent. I believe that is persuasive enough to tell you the love I have for this product.

Verdict :

I have shared almost everything above; however, I would like to add that I do not have any drawbacks with Plant Origins or Signature Market products in general. Their personal care and essential oil range are one of the most affordable ones in Malaysia. It is also accessible to purchase and quick to receive. I think it’s time that we migrate from commercial products to something more organic.

I understand many of you do want to try out natural products, but most of them in the market is usually beyond your budget. I know that because it has been my plight for years. Although I would love to see, Signature Market adds more option to choose from; I do not have any complaints about the available ones. I highly recommend you to get either one of these or all because it is worth every penny you spent. No, this is not a marketing ruse, but my honest opinion results from my experience. It has been my holy grail for a considerable time now, and I want you to experience the same too.

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