How To Stay Positive During Difficult Times

It almost challenging to stay positive when you are going through the most challenging phase of your life; however, despite the hurdles, you will need to train yourself to remain positive as it is essential for your mental health. It is indeed easier to suggest but to apply this is pretty intense; I have been through many difficult times, and I understand how the mind can trick one to believe that staying negative will be more beneficial than the opposite. The brain has a negative built-in that directs our focus towards a negative mindset when everything else is crumbling around us; it is called the negative bias (also sometimes known as negativity bias). This condition has an impact on your decision-making skills, behaviour and personality. In this blog post, I will be sharing a few of the tricks that I practice when I am in a challenging phase of my life.

Look at the past events that turned out to be positive.

The most common advice that you receive from people while going through a terrible phase is to stay positive, but it is never as easy as it seems. Tough times can challenge your belief system, and it can turn into a person you no longer recognize. Before you choose to dwell in the overwhelming negative emotions, think about all the times that you have gone through a difficult phase in your life.

You’ve built the person you are today from the moments you have experience in your life. There are good ones, and there are bad ones. You might have failed your exam or moved out of a neighbourhood. You might have experienced a horrible break up or had an awful falling out with your best friend. Those were the times when you think nothing worth anything anymore. But look how far you have come since; you are here today. You are reading this, which means you have managed to go through the times you thought were the worst in your life.

Every challenge is a stepping stone to something better, another lesson required for you to be a better person. You must understand how things work. You have survived, and you will always stay through anything that life throws at you. All you need to do is to remind yourself that “this shall pass too“.

Practice Self-Care.

The pandemic is currently taking over the world, and it is pretty severe. I had been working from home since March last year. Yes, one year working from home can change your attitude towards self-care. The same impact applies to those who are going through a challenging phase. You do not have the energy to get out of your bed, super lethargic and do not have the mood to do the simplest thing – making a cup of coffee can sometimes seem to be a lot of work to do. So, what do you do then? Push yourself to practice self-care.

First thing first, get at least six to eight hours of sleep each day. Sleep deprivation can lead to many health issues from within and also affect your appearance. One of the common emotions you might feel if you do not get enough sleep is a mood swing. I tend to be snappy and the worst person to be around, which only further build my negative emotion. Getting a fair amount of sleep eventually helped me deal with the phase I am going through better. One of the other essential things to remember is lack of sleep can cause an increase in the stress hormone.

One of the best ways you can practice self-care during these times is to cook at home. Cooking proved to be therapeutic, and at the same, you are fully aware of what you are consuming. Having a healthy meal can lift your mood instantly; be kind to yourself when you need it the most. If you feel mentally low, you can try reading a book or solve a puzzle since these activities are useful as mental exercises.

Be mindful of what you are consuming – mentally.

I am sure by now you are familiar with the catchphrase “Netflix & Chill”. Honestly, when I am going through something terrible, I always turn into this option because what is better than a pizza and binge-watching your favourite show? As good as it sounds, it is not an ideal activity. Don’t get me wrong, I am not against this at all because I do it too but after spending all the times indulging in what I call my “guilty pleasure”, but eventually realized I had spent my time doing nothing at all. Do not do this; instead, use the same time doing something productive.

One way of doing this is to create a “to-do” list and follow it diligently. Having a to-do list will help you to break down your daily tasks and keep your time occupied as you already know what to do. Going out for a walk or exercise is also another good option as this will make your body feel refreshed and help with your mental health. You will regain energy, and your mood will be significantly better.

If you find yourself on social media or mindlessly browsing through websites, you can always opt for a time limit on your phone. This way, you can control yourself from swaying away from being not productive. You are also avoiding yourself from stumbling upon any negative stuff online that will only affect your emotions. Sometimes, precaution is the best solution.

Be curious.

Being curious when you are facing your problems will perceive the way you look at life. Rather than sulking, hiding or running away from it, find a solution to deal with your problem. No one wants to go through tough times; hence, allowing yourself to stay stuck in these moments is the last thing you want to do.

To live an ideal life, you will need to approach life with the curiosity of how you can come out of the phase, how to resolve the issue. This action will help you to understand yourself better and improve your life. Staying stagnant under challenging times will not be helpful as you will be re-living the moment continuously, and while doing that, you are only wasting your precious time away.

I am a curious person by nature, so I apply the same curiosity to figure out why it happened? And based on that, I list down the practical things that I can do, which I think will be helpful and follow through. I will be honest that sometimes I cannot figure out the root issue or even the solution, but the hope sparks my motivation to move on and focus on other things.


It can be tough to focus on the right things when all the negative thoughts present cloud your mind. However, no matter how things get complicated, always remember that everything will eventually end. The good days are not forever, so are the bad days. So everything that you are going through at the moment will pass too, hence do not allow yourself to dwell deep into the sorrows that life offers. Pay attention to the good things that still exist in your life, and enjoy every single moment. However, do not practice toxic positivity – acknowledge the reality, cry if you want, then move on. Use your time wisely and focus on things that you can control.

Back to you.

How do you stay positive while dealing with a tough situation? Do share in the comment section below.

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