How To Accelerate Your Personal Growth

Personal growth is an individual choice. It is how you evaluate if you need to accelerate your evolution as a person or happy where you are at the moment—nothing wrong in that. The only person who understands us is ourselves, and we know our pros, cons and points to improve. Personal growth is also not something that you can do overnight; it is a process that can take anywhere between a week to years. It is a slow process, a way of living and not a destiny. As you live, you will always need to improve in one way or another.

I wrote this blog post as a guideline for you to follow from my perspective; things that worked for me. I cannot confirm all listed will work for you; hence you may look at this as a reference from where you can start. There is no definite rules and regulation on personal growth but always have an open mind while approaching this concept.

Train Yourself To Keep Learning, Everyday.

To accelerate your personal growth, you will need to train yourself to learn more. Based on many research pieces, the most successful people in the world are always learning about anything and everything. They learn with a purpose and utilize what they have learned into their day to day life, even if it is not comfortable.

You can do this by developing habits and routines to increase your learning. The first step to understanding is to ask questions. Start by selecting one thing that you want to do and list down all the things you would do, to learn. Create a time frame as that you want to complete it. For example, I wanted to know about Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and I set a time frame of two weeks. Within that period, I talk to my friends who were masters in this topic, read e-books, articles and watch YouTube videos. By the end of the second week, I knew a lot about SEO than when I started. I am not an expert, yet, but I sure know the fundamentals required for this topic.

However, to achieve this, you will need to to set an achievable, realistic goal. Weight through all the things you want to learn and then estimate the time frame, you will need to understand the topic. The more complexed the subject is, it is only natural to require more time to master it. You will also require to stay motivated to be constant in the learning process to achieve your set goal.

Change Is Inevitable; Hence You Can Change Too.

The only thing that is inevitable since the beginning of time is change. And with this logic, you can change as well. The intention to evolve is a sign that you are growing as a person. You do not need a growth mindset from the very early stage of your journey. Still, just like confidence, it is an effect and not a cause. It is a by-product of your experiences. Hence, your development will set this mindset in motion as your personal growth accelerates. 

Do not wait for the growth mindset to kick in but start right away. You can begin by making a positive choice every single day to increase your confidence. Doing this will help you to move toward your goal to accelerate personal growth, slowly but surely. As the saying goes, fake it till you make it. Always staying positive and having the belief that you can change will eventually change you positively. 

Setting a goal will set a path for you to follow if you often find yourself lost midway. Think about what you want in life and start pursuing. Every day, do something that leads your way toward your goal. And one day, you will find yourself achieving all of your dreams. Make this as yourself, and you will no longer doubt the things that you can do.

Remind Yourself On The Goals, First Thing, Daily.

Setting a goal is good but let be honest; most of us forget the goal set after the first month. Most of us no longer stay on the track; hence this has to be reversed. One thing that helped me stay on the path is to stick a “Post It” notes on my mirror in the bathroom because I have a habit of washing my face right after I wake up; this way I will be reminded of my goals.

Your brain and subconscious mind are most pliable in the morning. You are well-rested hence you are at your best self to train your subconscious mind. It is important because your goals don’t always stay in your conscious mind but will be in your subconscious; hence, it must remind you of them regularly.

Even though confidence is an effect and not a cause, you will need a driving power to stay positive and how you start your day can make a lot of difference in how it impacts your performance. If you start the day on a positive mood, you will be more energized to go about with the day and eventually ticking one thing off your goal lists. On the contrary, you might not have the motivation to do anything.

Start your day on a high note. Remind yourself what is the highest priority for you every single day. Based on Jeff Benedict’s interviews, the author of “The Dynasty”, found a similar pattern among all the successful people; they have a couple of hours undisturbed time-span in the morning, doing things that are important for their goals. And none of these is related to their work or career. In related to this, you will need to be sure what is essential for you and concentrate on that before doing anything else.

Remove Distraction And Negative Energy From Your Surrounding.

Time is essential, and every second count. To accelerate your personal growth, you will need to ensure there are no distraction or negative influence in your way. It also includes digital pressure. Years ago, the only strain we experienced with was incoming emails, but we are introduced to many great features and applications as technology is advancing. One of these is social media.

As a content creator and even when I was not one, I used to scroll down my Instagram feed for hours, which took a chunk of time from my day. It is addicting, but it is also unhealthy. So how do we resolve this millennial addiction and the fear of missing out (FOMO)? We use the same technology; almost every phone available right now has a screen time limit in the system. You can choose digital detox or set time limit for the applications that you used the most; whichever works the best for you. I limit myself to 15 minutes for each application, including uploading posts and stories, and then I am done. I realize I have more time to complete things that is more important.

Another essential aspect that you will need to consider is the energy that surrounds you; people you allow into your life. We all know someone who is a pessimist. Someone quick to share their ideas on how your goals are not realistic or don’t think twice to ridicule your actions. Remember, the people around you influence the way you perceive things. It has been proved by a study done by Solomon Asch, a Swarthmore College psychologist in the 1950s (lookup, it is fascinating). This proofs that if positive people surround you, your mindset will be positive. And if negative people surround you, you will indeed have a negative perspective. Always surround yourself with those passionate about what they do and continually work to accelerate their personal growth. Surround yourself with people that will encourage and motivate you to evolve as a person.

Reflect, Meditate And Create Vision.

Accelerating personal growth is not just about what you are doing from outside; you should do it from within as well. One of the ways of doing this is through meditation. This form of self-reflection has proven over time to be helpful, especially when you are stressed. Meditation is beneficial mentally and great for your overall health, which includes physical, emotional and spiritual. Our mind and body are interconnected; hence the condition of one can affect the other. A calm and clear mind can result in a relaxed body that directly impacts personal growth.

Personal growth starts with awareness, and journaling helps you with that. Understanding is indeed the first step to anything that you want to change in your life. The action of journaling everything that is going in your life, the ups and downs, the positive and negative incidents, and things you are grateful about and all your affirmations can take you one step to understanding your real self. It allows you to look at your life from a bird’s eye view and enable you to have a different perspective, writing down your thoughts can help to declutter your mind and reflect on things that you might need to work.

Vision is another critical element to personal growth. Living with vision manifest the things that you want in your life. It gives you direction and purpose each day. It means you know who you are striving to become and gradually working your way to reaching there. Take some quiet time to create your life’s vision. Imagine your desirable future, friends, family, career, the personality that you want, and write it all down. You can choose to create a vision in your journal or create a vision board to reflect all that is important to you and manifest to reality.


Like I have mentioned earlier in this blog, the personal growth journey is unique to each individual. There are no “rules” that you must follow to accelerate your personal growth. Everything that has been shared here, everywhere else on the internet and books, is recommended as guideline or strategy that you can choose to follow. There is no “one size fits all”, nor there is the right-wrong way of doing it. You can choose to work on your personal growth based on what works for you hence making this, unique. The end goal is the same for everyone – to evolve personally. However, the idea of personal growth doesn’t need to be the same. It differs with each person. 

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