6 Ways to Take Care of Your Mental Health During Lockdown.

The world is going through a pandemic outbreak and it is so significant that I am sure the generations after us will talk about it centuries after it ends.  As a history enthusiast, I once jokingly told my boyfriend that 2020 will be the year we see another pandemic outbreak – one that many will fear. If you read through history books, you would find that there is one major outbreak every 100 years, shocking? I know. But what I am here for today is not to share about COVID-19. I am here to share my experience, staying within the four walls of my room and occasionally travelling to the bathroom, living room, kitchen and balcony and how I deal with my mental health.

Following are some if the many things I have been trying for over a month now, and it helped me tremendously, and I know it will help you too!

Feel All Of Your Emotions.

Being positive is important, but it is equally important to accept what you feel, even if it is negative. It is okay if the fact that you have to stay in your home for almost a month frustrates you because it is normal. Do not suppress your emotions because you are too afraid of being judged; if you need help, call the people who are close and understands you, and share it with them. Feel your emotions, let it out and chill!

Cut Down the Time Spent on Social Media.

The information that you see while scrolling down your social media can affect your mental health, especially if it has something to do with the current issue. A lot of things you find on social media don’t necessary is the truth but how you react to that can make a mess with your emotion that eventually affects your mental wellbeing. If you cannot cut down completely, you always got the option to control the time you are spending on the internet.

Workout! Workout! Keep That Body Moving!

You are within the four walls of your room but that doesn’t mean you cannot workout or at least move your body and walking to the kitchen is not a workout! You should try out workouts, and experiment with activities that you can do indoor. Watch videos on YouTube, find for routines on the internet or download a workout app and try them out. You are free to choose whichever that suits your taste but ensure to sweat enough by the end of it and for your information, expanding the lungs also helps to fight respiratory infections like COVID-19 apart from making you feel better, mentally.

Eat Healthy and Well-Balanced Food.

“You are what you eat” if you are familiar with this phrase then you should know that what you eat affects your health – both physical and mental.  Opt for leafy greens and berries, as they help to get your antioxidant fix but at the same, boosts your immune system, which is crucial at the moment. I understand financial would be a concern since some of us only have our savings to help us get through this, hence it is advisable to cook at home instead of ordering online as this is usually cheaper.

Sleep and Meditation.

This lockdown is definitely the best time to discipline yourself, especially your sleeping pattern if you are a night owl. Try to get at least 7 hours of sleep every day as this will boost your energy the next day that eventually influences your outlook on life, energy level, motivation, and emotions. This is very important because sleep deprivation and lockdown shouldn’t happen at the same time as this can cause feeling persistently sad or empty. As for meditation, it helps you to calm your coronavirus anxiety – allowing you to care better for you and others.  A simple way to do this is with long, deep breaths. Take at least three full breaths, counting to five with the inhale, and counting to five with the exhale. And with the exhale, intentionally release tension. That calms down the nervous system and helps us come out of the worrying thoughts. One of my favourite brief meditation is by Tara Brach (Listen here for 5 minutes mindfulness).

6. Use Telemental health or Online-Based Therapist.

If your depression, anxiety or panic attack becomes unmanageable, you can always opt for telemental health or online therapy sites for help. However, you would need to ensure the therapist or counsellor so have a valid license so you know you are in good hands. There are many therapists available because most of them work from home, or during odd hours to cater to clients from all parts of the world, including rural areas. We can do these sessions over call, video, online, and even email. For more info, refer here for more details on the websites.


I hope what I shared in here will be helpful, do let me know in comment what else you would you like to see on my blog.






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