Why prioritizing yourself is important ?

Social connection or rather relationship is an essential part of our existence and certainly something we will not be able to avoid. It is fair enough to give some time to build a relationship that you share with your family, and friends but the core point to remember is, you are still an individual. To discover yourself is a big challenge, so it is important for you to focus on yourself first before you turn your focus on others.

  1. You will learn to find comfort in solitude. 

Socializing can be a fun thing to do, all the chit chats and laughter can boost your mood, and make you feel better about yourself. Also having friends, makes you feel important and cared but it is wise to understand that external factors will fade away with time hence it is important to feel genuine contentment from within you. It is important for you to take some time off, prioritize yourself and learn about yourself in depth. This means, at times you will need to take a break from your busy lifestyle and spend a good quality of time on yourself ; paying attention to little details of your likes and dislikes, spending time doing things that makes you happy. When you are truly comfortable and happy in your own solitary, you will eventually become a happy person in any situation.

2.  You will get more things figured.

It is no surprise that family or friends can impact our decision making skills. This happens as we are open with emotions with them because we trust them, which eventually making our mind to believe that they know us better than we do hence their advices should be apt for the situation. That is totally the opposite. No one knows yourself better than yourself – in short, you know the answers to your questions. Prioritizing yourself will help you to know what you really want vs what is good for you. Life is all about the choices but there isn’t any rules that you will need to play it safe – all the time. It is okay to take some risk and explore the path unknown. Most of the time, these are the choices that will help you to grow as an individual.

3. You will learn how to protect yourself. 

Making yourself as the most important person in your life, will help the process of removing the negativities in your life, much easier. You will find the need to remove toxic people, things or anything that is hindering your growth as an individual. Taking out everything that is negative in your life will eventually help you to lead a life that is veiled only with positivity. This not only impacts your present but also allows you to reflect on your past ; eventually creating an open space for the decisions that you will take in the future.

4. Grow as a person – spiritually, mentally and physically. 

It is important for you to know that growing as a person isn’t a phase – it is a continual process till your final twitch. And to grow, you will need to learn about yourself in a depth – to understand what you, as an individual, want in life. When you realize your true potential, the choices made then after will only shape you into a wiser person.

Self care is important. And you need to believe it is one of the most essential aspects in your life. Don’t feel guilty to put yourself first ; to give your body and mind what it really need. Or rather want. When you start paying attention to yourself, many impossible things will disentangle – and you will live a peaceful life.

19 thoughts on “Why prioritizing yourself is important ?

  1. i totally agree.. sometimes you just need a little me time to get things figured out. Going out with friends and family is fun.. but having some time alone really does help you to rethink and analyse your life.


  2. People nowadays almost 98% have social networking. So, from that people must know how to use better relatiohship with his/her colleagues. Not that one, but he/she must self care to make people happy in their relationship


  3. setuju…kita perlu utamakan diri sendiri terlebih dahulu dari org lain kerana kita juga perlu berehat dr memikirkan org lain…perlu me time juga setelah penat bekerja


  4. Thanks for the words. Indeed, sometime we do need to put ourselves above others. Not making ourselves selfish, just yeah, prioritizing what’s more important.


  5. Agree! You need to prioritize yourself first. Because then you’ll give the best version of you to others. Some people disregard this matter, but this is the key to success in life.


  6. Good sharing….dalam apa jua keadaan kita kena fikirkan diri kita terlebih dahulu sebelum mementingkan org lain dlm kehidupan….hubungan sesama rakan juga perlu…tq for sharing


  7. Perkongsian yang sangat bermanfaat. Untuk menjamin kebahagiaan kena bahagiakan diri kita terlebih dahulu, kena sayang diri kita dahulu. Jangan sb orang lain..kita pulak yg dapat stress..so apa2 diri dulu yg penting


  8. Yes, totally agree with you. End of the day, we are the one going to stay with ourself forever. So self priority very important. If we don’t, who else going to do that for ourself.


  9. I agree with your thought! Everything we do we need to focus for our self first rather than other. When you’re not a priority, you simply don’t function at your best and your ability to contribute to the world is compromised


  10. Totally agree. For me, in whatever situation / relationship, we must prioritize ourself or at least do not put top priority to other people. Just because we treasure the relationship, doesn’t mean we should care less about ourself.


  11. Well for me it is a must because our self need to relax and chill when we don’t love ourselves who else would be… but i think what a must is health..


  12. I love what you write. I feel so touched and while I read I feel like I’m in peace just following every word you wrote and easily adapting it. Keep going 💖


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