Depression is not a drama!

On a serious note…

I know for sure that I am getting uncomfortable with the ideologies by a group people, assuming mental health is as easy as ABC. And also it’s heart breaking to see how many of them thinks that depression, anxiety or any other kind of mental health is controllable. Yes, I strongly agree to this but then it only applies if the condition is brought to attention and handled in the right manner – preferably by certified professionals. In most cases, you can help yourself but with a strong support system. The point here is to acknowledge it.

The sad part is, people do know that something is wrong with them and it is actually taking a toll on their daily routine. They do understand that they have symptoms but you know what is the saddest part? They are afraid to ASK FOR HELP. They are afraid to approach someone because they don’t want to be judged or mocked. Do I need to explain more on this? We have a form that allows the person to stay “anonymous” to get help! But WHY?

Mental health is not a taboo and shouldn’t be one or else why do we have Psychiatrists or Psychologists to help them in need? Mental health is legit . Depression is legit. Anxiety is legit. You need help, and you deserve to get help. You need support and you will get it. Your pain is legit, and your suffering should be acknowledged. No one deserves to make fun of you.

And if you think depression is drama and it is a choice that people can choose to feel or NOT to feel well I have a challenge for you. If you ever met in an accident, and broke your leg ; don’t ask for help. Don’t cry in pain. Don’t even bother going to the doctor. In fact, don’t even put on a drama, you can walk because it is just a matter of choice 😉

2 thoughts on “Depression is not a drama!

  1. Mental health is certainly not something that people talk about and depression and other mental issues are taboo. I recently came across it when a friend was struck with mental illness, not of his own doing, but a medical ailment. It is so hard to describe and even harder to watch.


  2. Mental health is important, that’s why we need to check our love ones and family and friends, coz it just surprisingly triggered. We need each other’s support.


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