Book of Love

” Mom!!“, Alice heard her daughter, Lileth, calling out loud from the room. Alice got shocked and quickly rushed into Lileth’s room, to find her teenage daughter sitting on the bed, looking so frightened. ” What happened, my dear?” She asked Lileth as she stroked her daughter’s hair. “Mom, I had a horrendous dream. I saw dad, he did something with the ice-cream he bought for us, he poured something into the bucket; you ate it, and after sometime you cried in pain, blood came out of your nose and mouth before you collapsed to the ground ! And dad said, you died, Mum!! You died!,” Lileth cried in her mother’s arms. Alice got worried, but she remained calm,” Hey deary, it’s okay, it was just a bad dream. It doesn’t matter because it’s only for a moment, okay?”, Alice consoled her daughter but it wasn’t enough for Lileth. “Mom, promise me, you’ll never leave me”, Lileth said as she clasped her mother’s hands tight. “Lily, my love, I’m not going to leave you but now, I want you to go to bed and sleep well, dear”, she kissed Lileth’s forehead and tucked her into bed, singing Lileth’s favorite lullaby as she watched her beautiful daughter fall asleep. Something crossed her mind – the book! She remembered the thick book she gave Lileth on her 13th birthday, she couldn’t hold back her tears ; she took the book from the nightstand and place it under the blanket,“Lily, my beautiful daughter, as long as this book is here with you, nothing can ever tear us apart.” Alice smiled with her eyes misted over, before she vanished into the thin air, and Lileth got up from her sleep. She held the book firmly to her chest, as if she was afraid someone would snatch it away from her. She bit her bottom lip & her eyes welled up with tears,“I miss you, Mom”.

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