3 Steps To Start Reading.

The most frequent question I received from people is how I practice an avid reading lifestyle. It was not something that I have developed over the years, it came naturally to me as I have always been interested in reading as a little kid ;  my favorite spot is indeed the library. I remember, when I won my first book at the age of 8 after scoring the best for English, I knew I could own books and started practicing the “Barter System” with my mother. I help her with her chores and she will get me a book as the wage, this was how it worked till I started earning. Over the years, I grew too fond of books to live without them and that is perfectly how I like it to be, but it is not something you need practice as child to make it a habit as an adult. I have helped my friends and family to start a healthy reading habit with only 3 simple steps that I am going to share with you.

1. Experiment with genres and pick the one that is interesting to you.

Not all books are meant to be read by everyone – some of the genres available are not your cup of tea. What is the best way to figure it out ? Experiment. Visit your friends or rumble through your sibling’s book racks, you might find something in there that could be interesting to you. Read the synopsis as a heads up to know the content of the book – but be mindful that synopsis functions as the precis of the book, hence you will come across instances where the content of the book is not equivalent to it.   Don’t even try to read the books that are not your type for the sake of staying in par with trend.

2. Borrow from friends, family or the local library. 

The best way to start a reading habit is to go old school – BORROW ! This will create a habit of “must read” as borrowing means to set a deadline, where you are obliged to complete a book by the set of dates to avoid feeling remorse, subsequently. This will also provide an opportunity to read as many books – from ancient to modern works in the genre of your preference, all for free. 

3.  Read it anytime and anywhere. 

As the saying goes, to make it a habit – you are required to practice it for 21 days. So spend all the free time you have between activities to read.  If you have a doctor’s appointment, show up early to read a page or two, even more. If you are standing in a long line while shopping or purchasing movie tickets, read few more pages. Read while you are in an elevator if you are an introvert that hates awkward chats. All the little practices will definitely turn into a habit that will forever be a treasure.

That is pretty much what I have been advising to my friends and family who are interested in creating a good reading lifestyle. It is not a tough task to accomplished and if there’s a will to read, there will be ways to do it.

Your Turn

Are you happy with how much you read ? What advice would you give someone who wants to know how to create a good reading lifestyle? Share your tip in a comment below!

5 thoughts on “3 Steps To Start Reading.

  1. You gave some really great tips here, I find reading really relaxing. I like the tip of borrowing off friends and families, that is great starting advice.


  2. I might add, on the “Experiment” part we need to hold back judgement and try to ponder on the Pros and Cons, the good and the bad in an objective manner. Then that’s when you decide if it’s for you or not.


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