Hold on.


The day will come when everyone you know will let you go. They will give up on you and blame you for all their miseries. Label you with things you’ve never thought of. It will break you into pieces. But hold on still.

The day will come when your feelings are numb and you turn so cold. There will be no tears, no pain left to feel. No one will be dear to you. No voices will be familiar to you. No one will be around to safe you. But hold on still.

Hold on still, because this is not the end. When the world shut you out, there is always a power beyond all that will listen to you. Kneel down and put your hands, and pray out loud. Pray to the light to guide you home. Pray for a way from all the sufferings. Pray for a strength. Pray for a will to go on. The journey isn’t over yet.

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