Grateful 🌸


I am grateful for the mornings I hear the sound of birds chirping, the ray of light peeking through the passage between the curtain, the smell of fresh morning, the vibrant colors of flora. I am grateful for another chance at life. To chase my dreams. Create new dreams. Rewrite forgotten dreams. Mend broken things – as there is never really an end. Build relationships. Nurture it. Fill it it with positivity.

I am grateful for the family I am blessed with. They have taught me the meaning of independent and the importance of thriving for success, on a continual mode. The love that exist within the hurtful words and to take on responsibility despite the hurdles.

I am grateful for the man I am in love. He has taught me the meaning of true love, and to fight for the best no matter how stormy it is, or how cold it becomes, there is and will always be a hope that some things will definitely get better as time goes by. He taught me that honesty and simplicity is essential for a happy life and truth prevails.

The friends who never left my side. The loyalty. The crazy fights. Silly love. Without the true friends I am blessed with, the moments of great heart break would have been a real tough journey and the success days would been another lonely day.

I’m grateful for the senses – the ability to read great books, listen to masterpieces, feel the warmth of love and taste the sweetness of cherry wine. .


I am grateful for the bad memories and cherish-able moments. The one who got away – friends who turned strangers. The envious ones. The one I can never get along. I am grateful for all that happened and all that will happen. I am grateful for I am better person now.

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