When I cried out loud for the first time,

they smiled wide, because you were there.

When I was 5, I danced in a middle of a crowded place,

no one stopped me ; they adored me, because you were there.

When I was 9, I got into a fight, no one really cared,

and they let me slip away with my stubbornness, because you were there.

You were always there with me, for as long as I could remember.

You were there on my first day in school, when I hit puberty, and my first heart break,

it was all a transition for you, it was too much for you to take,

so you slowly drifted away, 

You were still there, making faint noises,

but as the days passed, you became weaker,

so feeble that you’ve defunct the will to stay by me,

I don’t know when, but I’ve stopped hearing from you,

your humming was replaced with utter silence,

I felt empty, like a part of me drifted away,

a beautiful part of me,

I kept questing for you everyday,

my nights were filled with your thoughts.

And my days were spent dreaming about you,

craving for your presence, wishing you’d come,

then one day reality hits me really hard,

I came into acceptance that I’ve lost you,

we both are in a very different path,

you have gone far from where I am,

and I, will never be able to reach there,

but i will always be floundering about you,

so tell me, where are you now?

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