Be it, it is.


Recently, I’ve been thinking a lot about my schooling years ; to begin with, I was a very shy, quiet and reserved individual – total opposite of who I am right now. And my thoughts hit through nostalgic moments ; from my first friend to my best friend, from the first crush to the one I love fondly, people I don’t like to arc nemesis’. Things have changed, drastically.

Of course, I would brag and claim I have transformed into a better person, which could be somewhat true, but that is not the complete truth. I think I got to be honest here, not every change is a proud one but I don’t regret it ; one shouldn’t feel bad about screwing things up because what life is life without experiences learnt during the toughest phase ( just being nice here).

School for me was neither hell nor heaven, it was somewhere in between – it was good but it has its own cons, as well. This majorly could be a result of me not liking to have a real human touch but to pretend I am a supernova in my own universe. See, I was a very anti social kind of person and I had this high level of anxiety.

Most of the days I felt like what Hillary feels in the presence of Trump – my skin crawled whenever a bunch of giggling girls walked passed me or when I am asked to stand in the front of the class, and read out loud. I was a class clown anyways – involuntarily.

Today, I am the first one to greet a stranger. Loudest one around. The happy lucky person. I even asked a lady about a phone, in a lift. Someone I met 15 secs ago. I mean who does that? At least not the 15 year old me. I think that version of me would have peed a little in her pants, in all these situations. But, that is how it is.

See, my point is we are like flowers ; blooming throughout the years. Turning into someone we’ve never imagined about, doing things we swore to never do. All of these experiences, exciting isn’t it? I mean, my moment of reminiscing turned into an epiphany. I, for sure know that change isn’t obvious until one fine day, you look back and realize how far you have come.

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