Hey Soul Sister.. 

It takes a half a lifetime to find a soul mate but it takes twice that amount to find a good friend. Let alone a soul sister.We didn’t start out as best of friends, we despise each but only time could magically create a tale as beautiful as ours. I could proudly scream out loud about my best friend – the one that I love deeply, and truly. No.

It is true that girlfriends are definitely our soulmate. And you, my sweet little pretty thing, thank you for standing along with during my toughest and not giving up on me when I’ve been the worst person. I am not going to thank you for giving the best memories or gifts, but I’d like to thank you for the strength and wisdom you’ve provided me along the years – no money can EVER buy that.

And you? You’re no less than a warrior, all that you’ve been through, could have someone get out of it? Yes but I am proud of you. I wish I could hug you right now and tell you, what a wonderful woman you’ve become.

You got this perfect blend of good heart, beautiful face and a lil bad ass attitude which is pretty much important if you wanna survive here. And you love me, isn’t that awesome? To know someone truly loves you despite who you are from outside and all that matters is the inside? Luck has bitten well for I’ve found you.

Yes , you a lot younger than I am but a lot wiser than most of the girls of your age could have been. On your birth anniversary ( i know so professional and all that 😜) I just wanna wish you a very happy, prosperous and terrorist like bomb blasting birthday!

I could have easily sent you a gift but what could have been better than to gift my time to write this for you? ( i know main bohut bol rahi hoon and I am not even drunk).

I love you, more than words can ever describe and you will always be one of my favourite hotties and you are family. And family means to stay together. No one ever left behind. So on your precious day, I promise to love you and be with you till the end of the time. We could be a thousand miles apart but you’ll always be my precious little Sweety.


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