We are different but not aliens.

From the beginning of the year, I’ve been experiencing a roller coaster of emotions. I am experiencing one right now. First of all, this is not a cry for help. You only cry for help when there’s one to be received. This is just a thought – I believe sharing is caring.  I do realize I am not the only one with bad days, but I am the only one facing the problems I am going through. Fair enough?

My first question ; why is it so difficult for us to convey our feelings in words?  Every time I come across a very uncomfortable situation, and words are forming in my mind , I lose the valiant to speak them out. I conceal the truth with ideas of phrases that has no connection to what is going on in my gray matter. It usually contributes to a series of vexatious thoughts that not only worsen my state of mind but takes my sunshine away. sometimes it feels nothing but depression like overwhelming feeling running in my vein, pushing me to a place I refuse to stay.

See, being depressed is not a sin. I am a behavior analyst, hence I am not the person to jot down list of mental illness and write essays of how these mentioned illnesses are nothing but a trick the mind is playing with us. For most of the part, it is true.  Most people think they are depressed but they are not. Well, at least I know I am not depressed- not now. Not at this moment. I am actually quite hungry right now, and all I can think about is bread and butter.  Matter of fact, most of us think we have depression due to the gloominess we feel after a bad day at work or when your lover dumps you someone else. That minor gloominess is not quite depression like – its just a phase and you’ll eventually get over it.

Depression is like your ex that never want to let go but keeps giving you hope that it is eventually heading towards lose ends – just a sort of illusion things. How do I know ? I have been there. I still visit that spot every now and then to remind myself if hell is a feeling, then depression will be the perfect choice. I am not going to present about depression because there are plenty of videos out there exist for us to understand, negative judgment excluded. I am just trying to be as convincing as possible from my point of view , about the seriousness of depression, and the consequences of making fun of some suffering from it.

There is no specific age for someone to be depressed – it affects just about anyone from any group of age ,but the most common group are those within 16 – 26 years of age. It is possible due to the stress we experienced at this phase of life. This is basically where transitions take place ; heart breaks, examinations, social norms, and work – with all these being put on our shoulders, do you think being depressed is something rare? Depression is not dangerous to anyone but the person itself – losing self confidence, having low thoughts of oneself, losing the ability to think wisely and constantly being clouded by negative thoughts could easily inculcate someone into believing suicide is the best way out.

If someone you love is suffering from depression  – or showing signs of depression take them to a good therapist and perform a diagnosis. Its better to be wrong than late. I swear its better to see them in a psychiatric center, than to see them in a coffin, being lowered down to the ground to be buried. Depression is not like cancer, its not visible and you can see it growing every couple of weeks – its way more complicated as might come around within a month, every 3 months, 6 months, or God knows when. But the undeniable truth is, it will hit and it hits really hard that once you tumble and fall, getting up is not going to be easy.


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