Fun fairs are for grown ups. 

I have not been to many funfairs in my life – but thinking about it gets me overwhelming. It feels like a lost child being placed in her dream world ; running after her cotton candy.I honestly think fun fair resembles the world of fantasy – walk in as an adult, only to come out as a child. All the worries of the real world dissolves in the ambience of nothing but innocent laughing voices of children enjoying every bits of their moment in there . As you get on the ferris wheel, you realize all the little things are the real meaning of happiness ; doesn’t matter how little or more extravagant it is, the ride itself is always exhilarating. Have you ride on the unicorns? Moving round around the tinsel town ; revisiting the same spot couples of times yet hoping to pass the spot, again . I can never resist the Waltzer – a bumpy journey of ups and downs parallel to reality but a fun version of it. And how can I miss out the side shops? The adventuresome but rewarding games which literally triggers the Einstein inside of you. Not being biased, but my favorite will always be the floating ducks. You’ll be given 10 rings and based on the number of rings you managed to throw on the ducks and the points you received, you’ll get a prize. Honestly, I always aim for the teddies ; only to receive a key chain in return. Nevertheless, I think fun fairs are essential for grown ups ; living in a world filled with rat races, you just have to get lost in your childhood and relive the impeachable moments again.  

One thought on “Fun fairs are for grown ups. 

  1. I don’t know your struggles well, but I know you’ve faced them down, and you’re still breathing. That alone is inspiring. Add that you’re fun and easy and it’s meta-inspirational. You motivate me to think I can blast through my own struggles and come out smiling.

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