Favourite Girl. 

I remember the first day I held her in my hand – it was crazy and I was happy. Here’s the truth ; I’ve always wanted a baby sister because I was hell tired of dolls. And she was a dream come true. I know I sound sissy but being a 7 year old kid stuck between 2 brothers, life can turn a little more rough. 20 years passed and here I am now, with the same thought – she’s nothing but a doll. See, I’m a proud sister because my baby sister has grown to become a beautiful young lady ;a perfect blend of inner and outer beauty, no doubt. There are times when she can be a pain in the ass – but the good thing is, she’s my pain in the ass. And the fact that she’s brutally honest has made me realize how simple it is to have a tongue made of sword and how easy it is to feel free, with nothing hidden inside of you. I’ve learned how to be courageous & brave-hearted. She taught me age is just a number if you’re ready to face the obstacles. I truly believe, one day, my sister will rule the world. She’d be sharing the same stage with Michelle Obama & Malala Yousafzai. And I’ll be the proudest. 

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