People convince you all kind of things, but deep down your heart, you know, those words uttered are not the truth. That is the issue with trusting people, you trust them blindly and they break your heart. Sadly, it is just another cycle of life. As simple as the incident could be but something about it pricks you deeply – like a needle piercing on your finger. Do it once, its fine. Do it twice, its fine too but do it repeatedly, it will hurt really bad. And eventually, you just give up. Because you know you cannot do it anymore. You cannot fight it anymore. And the worst part is, any effort, just any effort will never make any difference because you are not what they want. So, what do you do then? Do you sit and cry, wishing things can turn into what they used to be? No, you change. You change beyond recognizable. You become a new person. You just transform into something you’re meant to be. – One thing i’ve learned all along is that, no matter how much of love and care you’ve given to someone – you’ll certainly stay in the ”still not good for me” zone. It’s either you’re invisible or they keep doing things to break your heart and push you into the valley of pain. I know – it’s never easy to let go of something you value. One of the things you want to be the constant line in your life. But again, it is a blessing that nothing is ever constant – would you survive the winter knowing there will never be a summer again? Would you close your eyes at night knowing there will never be another morning? What about the moments we claim to love rain, will you love it more knowing sun will never shine again. Change is inevitable. You and me are bound to change over the timeline. And that is when hope comes in and keeps us walking on the path.

That One Time I Choose to Let Go. 

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