The Other Side of Moon.

I don’t believe anyone wants to be mean because it makes them happy. I think people do things in such way because of the emptiness they feel inside. May be, they’re hurting internally so badly, that they no longer able to sustain it within them and it starts flowing, as negativity. I think they just need someone to hold their hands with an assurance that everything will be fine. Being mean is not equivalent to being evil- its just one of the ways people conceal their true identities.

Like one of those costumes people wear to a Halloween party and I do think its not a very enjoyable experience for them. But again, may be, just may be, they have been in there for so long that it no longer feel like a burden to them. Like snakes shed their snakes every few times, mean people shed their good self for once and all. But I am more on the positive side, so I believe people can always choose to be who they want to be, including being not so mean anymore.

Nevertheless, mean people , if you are reading this – know that I am not judging you. I know you and I know what you are doing is not so pleasing to anyone, that’s including yourself. I hope one day, one fine day, you will build up the strength and courage to remove this mask and transform into someone who’s no longer so mean, to people and to yourself. Mean people, know that, YOU ARE AWESOME and you will always be awesome, to very few people who love you.

Till next time *toodles*






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