You need a break. From all things that’s been keeping you awake all night. The feelings that got you hiding under the blanket. The people that have been breaking your heart. You’re not sure how to be heartless ; the first and foremost thing that comes into your mind are the choices that have been laid in front of you and what would you choose. Experiences? May be, but you’ve learned a lot. You’ve learned that good things will be bad for you one day. The people you love will never love you the same way. The friends you thought will have your back are the ones who’s gonna stab your back. And you, eventually gonna get tired. You don’t want to let go but when it’s killing you from deep inside, you need to make the wise choice. Cut the cord and separate yourself from all these negativity. I know it’s going to make you feel terrible. You’re going to cry to sleep. You’re going to feel this sharp intense pain in your chest. You’re going to shut everything around you. You’re going to say hundreds of ”not todays”. Trust your intuition. Trust the universe, it has its own way of protecting you from bad things. Bid good bye to anyone or anything that is bad for you. Things will eventually get easier for you – one day.

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