Out and about. 

Thinking about life decisions, thinking about who I am as a person. It’s gonna be a tough life if you seek someone’s assistance to please you. You got to learn to differentiate the pillar to your success and the thunderstorm to your downfall, and create a whole complete draft of how you want your life to be. And, it’s never going to be exactly what you’ve written in there because life is full of surprises ; good and bad. The important thing here is, you are aware of what you want in your life. The paths you need to walk on and the shortcuts you’ll need to take to reach your pit stops. Every now and then, you’re going to make mistakes. Horrible mistakes that foremost will question your existence but remember, you’re just a human like the rest 7 billion of us and we still need oxygen to live and till then, we’re bound to make mistakes. It’s just about who’s willing to still accept you as the person you are and cherish you, for a long time to come. You could be this silly person jumping down the stairs or an evil scheming person, but trust me, someone’s gonna accept you just the way you are. And if they refuse to accept you for the real you, hence they are not your person. And that’s about it, all that’s in my mind,right now. It makes sense? Not really but it’s not stupid either. 

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