You’ve Got A Mail

The vibration from her phone woke Chandrika from her nap; she never thought that moving into her own place, would be this exhausting as her body was also hurting badly. She reached out for her phone, and slowly opened her eyes, to the sight of a notification, “You’ve got a mail”. She couldn’t remember signing into an account, but again she was too tired to even remember when she slept and clicked to open the mail, but the contain wasn’t something she would’ve expected, anytime ; it reads ” THIS IS NOT YOUR PLACE, MOVE OUT WITHIN 12 HOURS or YOU’LL FACE THE CONSEQUENCES”. Chandrika laughed it off, as she thought it might be just one of her friends, playing a prank on her, thereafter she went back to bed, and continued sleeping. In the middle of the night, Chandrika got up from her sleep again, but this time, she heard footsteps, walking in her living room, and it sounded as if every step was closer to her room, and it became quite, again. Thinking that, it could only be her imagination, she tried to ignore it but she couldn’t sleep, so she tossed and turned on her bed till daylight. The next night, she was reading on her bed, when she heard someone washing the utensils, in the kitchen; but there is no one else in the house as she is the only one living in the apartment because she couldn’t find a tenant for the other room. Chandrika’s heart was beating really fast, as sweat dripped down her forehead before it stung her eyes, and she shut her eyes; at that very moment, she could hear the same footsteps again, and similar to the first incident, the sound disappeared as it approached her room.
 The next day, Chandrika rang up her best friend, Ridd, and told everything that she experienced for the past couple of days. Fortunately for her, Ridd was a paranormal investigator, and he agreed to pay a visit to Chandrika’s residence, but the bad part is, he will only be able to do that, the following day, as he was not in town. Chandrika, left with no other choice, but to go back to her apartment, hoping nothing bad will take place, again. That night, she skipped her normal routine, and decided to take a relaxing bath in her tub, with soothing music played in the background, and aromatherapy candles lighten up, while she read her favorite book, “Looking for Alaska”. BANG ! BANG ! BANG ! The sudden bangs on her door, made Chandrika to cry out loud as she was surprised. Her heartbeat increased gradually, and she was breathing heavily, but she gathered her guts and she asked loudly, “Who is that?” hoping for a reply. Suddenly, the music in the background, stopped and the light started to flick as she heard a familiar creaking sound; IT WAS FROM THE MAIN DOOR ! Left with no other option, Chandrika stood up slowly, reached for her bathrobe, and cautiously walked towards the door. Upon reaching the door, she switched on the flashlight on her phone, but to her surprise, the door was shut; she checked again, and found the door was indeed locked. She knew for sure that it wasn’t her imagination, but there was no explanation to what had happened. Chandrika dialed up Ridd, and told him, all that happened, but being so far, he wasn’t much of a help, hence he told her to relax and have a good night sleep. She thought it was a good idea, so she popped two Xanax, presumed it would ease her and tried to sleep, but within few minutes, she heard the same creaking sound and footsteps ; this time it was closer, as her breathing got heavier, the footsteps got closer, and she felt soft breathing close to her neck. Buzzzz ! Buzzz !, Chandrika awoke in sweat, as she looked around, she sighed in relief because it was just a dream ; she reached for her phone and answered the call, it was Ridd. As usual, she shared about her dream with him, as they planned to meet the next morning, Chandrika cut short the conversation, as she was also very tired, and planned to continue sleeping. Just as she placed her phone on the nightstand, her phone vibrated, and there was a notification on the screen – “You’ve got a mail”.

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