New Year or New day?

How do you settle into preparing for a new year?
I’ve asked myself the very same question, several times. And I’m yet to find an answer. I mean, look at the place, wherever you are, on the eve of new year, crowded, packed like a pride of lions are out on a hunt for wildebeest – more like the one and only wildebeest in the wild, I’m not saying waiting for a new year to arrive is a bad thing to do, but why overrating it ? Why waiting for a new year is such a big thing? Whilst most of them who are eagerly waiting for new year to arrive, are the ones that hates waking up for a new day? Whose minds are questioning the fact of 7 days in a week, Monday being hated the most. What’s the use of celebrating a new year, when you can hardly cherish a new day in the very same year ? For me, every day is a new day. A day filled with hope and things to do, and also the fact, at the very end of the day, I’m heading to the bed , being excited about the next day. I don’t need to go out there and celebrate a system created by human, I’d rather stay on my couch and read my favorite book, sip hot beverage from my favorite mug while I thank universe for, I’m one of the lucky billions who got another chance to appreciate a new day. So, the next time you are out for a new year celebration, ask yourself ; if you are happy for every single new day or it’s just new year that can get you all excited ? Because if you cannot appreciate a new day, it’s unfair to appreciate a new year.

This is a post that I initially wrote for the New Year post, but due to come circumstances that I couldn’t avoid, I didn’t manage to post it. But new year comes every 365 days ( 366 for the leap year), so i’ll posted it. Thank you for reading, means a lot to me 💕.

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