New Year’s Re-Solutions

The best part of entering a new year for me, is the resolutions we make. The counting starts from the last week of the previous year. I have 100’s of things to do but let’s me real, doing 100 things might seem a little over-exaggerating, but I’m not saying it’s impossible! But this year, I made some resolutions that will make lots of changes in my life, from simple to a little difficult, by end of the year, I believe , 3/4 of it will be completed.
1. LOVE YOURSELF . Every time we fall in love, we fall for the wrong one, because we fail to fall in love with our self. This is my year, it’s going to be a little selfish year, it’s going to be ABOUT ME, and empowering the real me. I am going to take my flaws and embrace them. I am going concentrate on myself and do everything that going to please me. After-all, at the end of the day, we only have OURSELVES to count on.
2. It’s okay to be CRAZY . The craziest person is the truest one , if they are bold enough to show the side of them that will make people question their sanity – they are the best one to be friends with. So, go out there, make spontaneous decisions, take weird face selfies, scream out loud , DO EVERYTHING that defines crazy to you. Never allow the opinion of others to take the shine out of your life, and if those people exist in you life, please eliminate them immediately, because those who can never accept you for who you are, can never be part of your precious life.
3. READ MORE . There’s no harm in reading, in fact reading helps to enrich your imagination skills thus helping you to be more creative. And as we know, with creativity, the world can never be a boring place. Moreover, reading helps you to appreciate your moment of solitude, it teaches you to be alone, hence there will be less of the need to depend on another person,because you’re happy in your own company. If you’re new and want to try reading as a hobby – don’t read the thickest or the book that is not easy for you to understand ; always go for your favorite genre, in fact – magazine, articles & journals are one of the best tools to encourage yourself to read ! Then slowly increase your hobby into a habit, reading minimum 2 books a month ! If you enjoy reading, you would want to discover more books as soon as possible.
4. TAKE A BREAK. Technology advancement has made us to be a slave of social medias ; be it Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram , Twitter & other networking sites. We are often tempted to check these apps, every now and then, well, it’s not wrong to be on these sites, but they’re not food of life. Remember, the main purpose these social networking sites is to allow you to keep in touch with your family & friends, and to share a part of your life. So, get your priorities straight, do what all necessary first, and at the end of the day or week, take time and check all the happening in the social media. When you are out with your family and friends, remember to put you phone away,  while you are having a conversation. Pay close attention to what they are saying, give your full-time to them and make them feel appreciated. The real world is way more important than the virtual one.
5. BE MORE POSITIVE . Living a positive life can benefit one , be it mental, physical or emotional. The more positive you think, the more calm your mind will be and the more peaceful your life will be. When you come across a situation, deal it by putting yourself in the both sides, and make evaluation. And always come up with a positive conclusion, because nothing is more attractive than a beautiful inner self. How do you achieve a positive attitude ? Well, it’s quite simple, you need discipline, determination and hard work. The first step is to work out as working out helps to get rid of excess toxic from you body, and it also helps to refresh your mind, hence you are more positive. To be positive, you need to smile more, smile through any difficulty, at first it will be a little difficult, but with practice comes perfection. But, I am not suggesting fake smile ! Smile, from the inside, and use it every time you’re having negative thoughts, take a deep breath and smile. Keep repeating this for 30 seconds, and see the difference yourself.
Everything I have said is part of my very own new year resolution, I hope it somewhat motivates you to live a life that you’ll enjoy, and make you happy, when you hit the bed at the end of the day. So smile, be crazy and do whatever you want for the next 300++ days !! Happy New Year 2016 !!

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