Where’s the Screwdriver ? 

7th May 2015 – Epicness Overloaded! 

8 am : *krrrrrringgggggg* Bell rang got up in hurry, but stayed on bed , rolling to the right and left – pretending to be a Vege Roll. *mission abolished* 

9.30 am – Packed two slices of wholemeal bread with Coral leaves and cheeeeeesesss – who cares about Gram & Vocab when cheese is around? . 

** nothing great happened in between just work and more work with lunch break and more work ** . 

5.30 – Got myself out of the work zone and jumped into book zone. * I Am Malala – inspiring story!! * 

*nothing great happened in between – tbh * 
Finally to the part associating the title! *sigh* .. 
It was a beautiful night, with stars scattered in the sky and moon hiding behind the clouds when I, Dheshyy & Joe planned to sneak out of the house for some greasy cravings – Mc Donalds! We got into in the car with our saviour , the house key . Not making it sound too dramatic although it took me 8 mins to come up with a solution alongside some unavoidable nerve-wrecking fear that got my heart pounding so hard – as if I just fleed from the prison . The situation was indeed real – back to the story ; I was tired and hungry and tired and just wanted to get home as soon as possible to jump on my bed and sleep when I actually – ACCIDENTALLY, place my key in this thing on my car’s door trim ( I’m not sure what it’s called as – whoops) , but then to realize it was broken and the key fell into the door ( it doesnt sound right – but I hope you pretend to understand what I am saying 😛 ). It was a wonderful feeling of terrified, as that was the only key we had, and if its gone into the deep hole, we’re doomed. We would have to camp in the car – ps : its not as serious as it seems, my parents will be home , sometime later, and we’ll be able to be IN the house. But that also means, we or specifically, ME, will have to hear all the bla blas and tra las from my parents. Too much to bare. I would rather rip apart the door,  and guess what? I did that ! Okay, not the literal ripping apart of the door, but I managed to remove the screws and remove that inner part of the door, and rescued our beloved key. 

The process ain’t no simple. I was sweating , trying so many different ways, figuring out how to take the key. Once I found the way, it was the time to find the tools that’s needed for the application. And that’s when I found, the screwdriver in my dashboard. The moral of the story : always have a screwdriver lying around the corner, it can be in your home or car or even work place, you just don’t know, when it will come handy 😉 .  

Never give up on something that you can’t go a day without thinking about.

– Sir Winston Churchill

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