Education is for all ! 

Education is the base of a good life, and it has the capability of changing an uncivilized person into a civilized being. Since the declaration of Human Rights in 1948, everyone deserves to obtain any level of education, with no prominent discrimination, and with a good quality of education.  Education is looked up as  a weapon that everyone can possess with a great hard work and determination.  As a girl, it is very important to have a strong education background to lead a good and healthy life.  A girl can study from primary level till the up-most tier of education, because that is her rights, and, she can choose any subject or course that she wants to do without any discrimination. This right stated that it’s a compulsory for these girls to continue their studies up to post-primary level.  It is said that the education rights is the most difficult rights among all, as education is essential in order for a girl to secure the other rights, and the best shield to protect herself from the ruined world. 

Many traditional families, especially those in South Asia have this strong believe that as a female, one should only perform the responsibilities of being a daughter, wife and any other significant relationship. This is something, I totally disagree. Why is that so? I wouldn’t deny the fact that a woman are gifted with bigger responsibilities in life, as she is the structure of a family, but that shouldn’t be given – as a reason for why a young girl shouldn’t attend school or further her studies to a much higher level . I personally believe, when a woman is well educated, she isn’t going to be the naive girl that will be made a fool by the family and society, in fact she would be strong enough to stand up on her own feet and fight for herself. Looking into statistics, and past reports, most of the domestic violence victims are illiterate, this is because most of these victims, have grown up to believe that , in any circumstances, the male, or precisely , the husband is the greater power. He is the sole breadwinner in the family, therefore she should obey him and follow his rules and regulations. The sad thing is? once the woman decides to leave her husband, it’s not guaranteed that she would be accepted in her parents’ home. 
With a good education, she would be able to break this cultural norms and live a life of her preference without being afraid of the future, or her fate in the hands of the wrong party. 
Education has the ability to create awareness in a woman, specially health. When a woman is being educated, she would be given an enormous amount of  important information, that is so relevant to her life, teaching her to take charge situations and how to react to it, and it can be applied later on, at some point.  Many illiterate women are suffering from HIV/AIDS, multiple pregnancies, and all the other diseases that are life threatening , and they never know about it until they reach the death bed. Being educated, a woman would be precocious over these matters that will eventually decrease the chances of having illness, specially chronic diseases, and as well, uncontrolled pregnancies.  This as well, would be able to reduce child mortality and malnutrition. 
Educating a girl is a significant step to diminish the poverty level. Poverty happens when people tend to violate the human rights, and giving an unbalanced lifestyle, that includes the basics: food & home, and the main source for these; salary or wage. The rights of education are often taken away from a girl due to her poverty, and this is something that is not acceptable. When a girl is not educated, she has to do a lot other jobs to survive, married or not and solely depends on the availability, mostly as house-maids or slave, most of these girls are later on, fooled into the fantasy of living a better life , will be forced to be a sex worker.  An educated girl would be able to get a better job that offers better pay and therefore, having an ability to have a secured and better life than living in poverty.

Education is a right, which definitely speaks out loud, why a girl should be educated.  It’s no harm for a girl to get education, and gain knowledge. Whatever that she is going to learn in the process of gaining knowledge, each of it will be applied in every step of her life, from breaking the shell of the ancient cultural belief, to being aware of her health, and as well, to come out of poverty. Education will give girls a platform to walk on , to build themselves, and life to live on, forever.

You educate a man; you educate a man. You educate a woman; you educate a generation.

– Brigham Young

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