The Book “Crisis”

What do you call the need to buy more books? Like MORE and MOREEEEE ! I call it ”cantgetenoughofbooksis”. Seriously, I’m sure there are couple of my types out there, walk into a bookstore and come will at the least of 1 book, if I swayed my mind on that, I have dozens of book in my shelf ! 

It just feels not right to walk out of the place, without purchasing a book. It feels like I am betraying the books. Like I am giving them hopes then snatch it away. I know it sounds extremely too much, but to be honest, that’s what I feel. Every single time. Trust me when I say, every single time.  In addition, I don’t actually just purchase books from bookstores , but I also purchase them online. New or preloved, every week I receive a parcel ! Recently, I bought 3 books ( 2 of the books are from the “Breathless trilogy & the other is just a simple journal by a Chinese teenager) . It’s not like I’m done with all the book I purchased previously, I have a number of books that I need to read, and I’m juggling between 2 books currently. I’ve read half-way thru the famous classic work “ To Kill A Mockingbird” and then currently reading “ You’re not so smart”, and while I’m planning to read another book, one of the Breathless trilogy. I have no idea how strong my mind is until I realize how crazy I am to juggle between 3 books. LOL to that. 

And while writing this, there are few titles popped on my mind and I am sure, I will purchase them , some time soon! Well, I am pretty sure there are solutions for this, but as far as I am concerned, I love doing this! I love purchasing books and adding them in my shelf or below or some space in my room although I am sure there hardly will be any :P

Do what you love, care less about what people think about it. 

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