The cloud of confusions. 

tumblr_m9cbm64ZP21r25xgkThe decisions we take in life are never easy, we all have been there and we all know it. The stress of choosing what we want and what we must have. And often, we choose what we “must” have over what we “want”, because that seems rational, in a good sense. Then we end up disliking what we choose because apparently, we don’t like what we choose because that’s not what we want. But they’re people who likes all the “Musts”. Trust me there are. Example? Well, Parents 😉 . Yeah, I’ve got you on that. LOL.  Alright, before I throw light upon this “controversial – subject” , I just want to say, that I’m not going to cook up stories that’s gonna trigger the taste buds of your wonderful mind, I’m just going to speak truth, as what I think is the truth.


During my school days, I wish my parents asked for my opinion while choosing the right school for me, I was a brilliant kid, but it wasn’t the pleasant years of my life. I remember when I graduated from High School, my parents bragged to their friends and relatives about how confused they were, then they both agreed they’ve made the right decision, when they selected this particular school. All I did was so cliché,  I went into my room, look at my own reflection in the mirror, and said “Mirror mirror on the wall, who are they kidding after all?”  They choose which school I “must” be then which school they “want” me to be in . I wish my parent’s were not so confused , they they over-thought , well, I believe it could have resulted a better outcome. I wish.  But parents, they just want the best from us. No complains.

The next step in life, choosing college to continue my journey, well, I finally got the freedom I yearned for but then with limited choices. Yeah, my parents helped me to ease down the overwhelming stress I felt. They said “ Choose what is the best for you” , well what they meant by that is to choose what you “must” have over what you “want” . Yet again, I was confused. What I want? And what I must have? With all the rules and regulations, limitations set by my parents, I finally pick the college that seems promising to me – well not so, but I did enjoy my days in college *thumbs up* . 


Currently, I’m not doing a job that I would love to do, but I “must” do it. Because for various reasons, the “must” seems logical, good, and always  the positive , but trust me, nothing seems to be the way it is for a long time. I’m pretty sure, if I am to do something I must do and let go something that I want to do, I’m pretty sure, I’ll break down one day, and things will go really bad !  Moral of the story ?


Always do something you want to do, don’t do something because you must do it. Still it depends on various factors! The most vital factor, you ask me? PARENTS !  But if you have the freedom to do something without anyone’s permission, follow you what you want !

“Just don’t give up trying to do what you really want to do. Where there is love and inspiration, I don’t think you can go wrong.”

Ella Fitzgerald

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