A little hope in me..

Quite often people give up in almost everything, I am one of them too or rather I would say , I WAS one of them. My journey in life has always been boring, because I live a typical life. And “what’s a typical life ?” you may ask, and my answer will be, “well it differs with people” and well who am I to say                   its the same for all? We all know that since the dawn of time, people have thought differently, acted differently, and fared differently from each other. But, I wouldn’t hesitate to explain my version of “typical life”, and well, It’s a life, that I want to live adventurously , and to the fullest, but.. Yes “BUT”, I’m afraid to take the risks that comes along. 

There was a point in my life, where I was too clingy to the lifestyle I was , living then , food on the table, sleeping on a comfortable mattress and working in a good ( well AC-ed company :P), all these just made me felt good about thr environment and situation I was in that I don’t think it was necessary for me to go out and do something more challenging, something out of the box. As much comfortable I felt, there were always something deep inside of me trying to trigger an unusual interest that I was partially aware of. I felt it every time I felt “happiness” , and it actually made me realize that the happiness was indeed, not the happiness I was searching for. Then, I asked myself ; “What is happiness? How do I define it?”. The thing that came across my mind at that moment was : You know it when you feel it and YES , happiness is not a destination, its part of the journey.  It took me a while to discover what was lacking in my life, and then when I knew what was it, I experienced the roller coaster ride of life. 

I believe when you go on the ride – you come across so many experiences in life and you learn a lot. A lot more than what your parents and teachers taught you, and it makes you a better person. Always. I did experience it, I might not experience every single emotions, but there are few things that really changed me and the way I think. I’ve become someone more matured, and stood on my own feet, taking decisions in life and dealing with it. There will be scary moments in this journey, you’ll be so scared but that’s not the end of it. Like I said, it’s no different than a roller coaster ride, the beginning is always fun, and then everything will turn  360 degrees, and your heart will start to beat fast, super fast and when you reach the point, the scary one, all you want, for it to end soon. And it will end, but what happens next? The brave heart ones, will go for more rides because they love the anxiety they feel while the weak ones freak out, and vowed to never go on the ride again. 

Don’t ever give up on your dreams, and most important – your life. It’s once in an existence affair and nothing can beat the feeling of feeling alive. Nothing is more precious that this gift God has given us. Treasure it, make the best out of it and go on , live a life ! Stand in-front of the mirror, and admit it , admit the fact of how proud you’re of yourself, of everything that you’ve come through, and you’re ready for all the obstacles you’ll come across in your life. Because you’re still here, reading this, you’re so strong and you’ll always be this strong, trust me , when I say this. 


**till we meet again next time, xoxo ! *bhaaagoooooo* ..

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