5 People That I will Never Forget.

  As long as we live, we are prone to meeting new people, and these people often be our friends, or quite common – ENEMIES. *A little flashback*  You met a kid in primary school, you played together, you both get along so well, years past and now he or she is your childhood a.k.a best friend a.k.a partner in crime and what not *phew*. Then new phase of your life begun, college and work mate came into your life , and not to forget the arc nemesis, you’ve got during this period.  Well, apparently, they all came from the same place “The stranger zone”. No matter who they are and where they’re from, their path and yours, somehow crossed, and things are never the same again. I too, have come across many different kind  of people over the past 2 decades of my life,  and they have affected me , in one way or another ( some super good, some too bad and the rest comes in between :P) .The thing about them is that I CAN NEVER EVER FORGET THEIR EXISTENCE , *beat that πŸ˜› * .


1. The Sweet and Handsome Hunk. 

GIRLS ! I am sure you know who I am talking about *winks* and I know some of you guys are of this kind *blows kisses* :P.


The sweet and handsome hunks are normally the ones that are super famous in the school, college or office, but they are down to earth ! I know like a few of them, ( one from, school, a couple of them from college, and one from my office). Among all of them, there’s one who is my all time favorite – PS: he is currently my best friend too ;). He’s got a charming personality like Siddharth Malhotra, and a heart like Christian Bale ( well, if you’re wondering why the Batman’s heart I am talking about, not his sexy looks – GOOGLE IT πŸ˜› ).  This particular friend of mine, was my junior in college, okay, I was just one Semester ahead of him , ahem and when he joined, I was the secretary for Social Science faculty and I was in charge of handling the orientation. He was in my team and we somehow clicked, became friends. e2d0af3f6c71ee318abde83c40c82871He’ll drop me at my hostel, stay up with me while I am studying for my exams, he’ll hold my shopping bags, cheer me up when I am sad, and gives me bear hugs when I need it. The awesome thing  is that his girlfriend is super cool too πŸ˜‰ We hang out often and he knows how to actually make two girls to be friends with each other, *toughtumblr_miau1uDVTf1qhb4bko2_250 job haan πŸ˜‰ * . And certainly the best part of him is definitely, his charming smile. Never angry, always positive and all he wanna do is to make me smile *melts*.




2.  The Sweet (Evil & Fake) Little Sister. 

Now boys, welcome to the “bro-zone”. and girls, welcome to the “sisterhood of the tight skinny pants that never fits any normal body” phew :/ . Yes. These are the girls that actually goes around the school, college or office preying for someone to be their bro or sister and torture you emotionally ( not sure about all, but at least that’s what I went through :/. Well found one in college , she told me her tumblr_mjk9pau4h81qbch4xo1_1280df*dukhi kahani* or you know some lame sad story,and the next thing I know,I became her personal diary.She’ll come along with me, everywhere I go ! At first, she was a complete hunny bunny sweet pumpkin dumpling chicken curry and what not. But it wasnt long before she transformed into Rebecca Evans from “Roommate”. She was literally behaving like I was her girlfriend and she owns me. TERROR ! tumblr_m8ons5Icgo1rujbfbMY INBOX WAS FILLED WITH HER DAILY AGENDA and my dinner is her story telling time ! It was torture , torture and more torture ! I wants able to go anywhere without bumping into her, and there was times where she would insist to sleepover at my home. I had to come up with so many reason ( I know I sound mean, but trust me I wasn’t the mean one to be honest 😐 ) I literally prayed to get rid of her, and I had to plan my way to classes without bumping into her.And one fine day, GOD  listened to my prayers, she got a new sister ! YIPPEEE !



3. The Supermodel Wannabe. 

School, college or office hallways are always the  runways. Too much ways there :/. You know who I am talking about. The TYRA BANKS, KATE MOSS, MIRANDA KERR and even Kareena Kapoor wannabes , that wears tonnes and tonnes of make ups ( although it’s against school rules, they just don’t give a damn).  tumblr_m8k3iucbXY1qgj9sro1_500

There was this particularly in my high school and I was literally eww-strucked by her attitude ! She was a very beautiful girl, but she carried herself like a VS supermodel, and that irritates me the most. Being a prefect was a cool job till the moment I had to deal with her, She never failed to piss me off  and I never failed to control my emotions.

Deeply I was literally doing this :P

Deeply I was literally doing this πŸ˜›

It was certainly a tough phase but I never gave up and finally I managed to change something about her and that was forcing her to wear a “camisole” over her bikini post-49225-tiffani-thiessen-hot-tub-gif-I-yGAutop as the school uniform was super transparent ( it was an unforgettable sight for the boys πŸ˜› ). And now, her Instagram are filled with her pictures ( not ordinary pictures, I am telling you πŸ˜‰ , too much happening in every single pictures of hers, and I am very happy for her , that finally, her all time dream , has eventually became a reality for her . * Giggles out loud* .



4. The Nerdy Becky. 

These are the ones that belongs to the World Library Society, the bookworm, the geeks, the caterpillar that became butterfly200_s (1) and also the ones that made our lives miserable by being super good at what they do, the ones that gets high-ranking in school and colleges, they’re also the ones that gets promoted the quickest in the office. And I’ve come across one Nerdy girl who actually made me to be someone so competitive in whatever I do. Yes, for without her, I would have been upgraded from “doubled-couch” potato to a “5xxxx couch” potato. *sighs in relief* . But she was a little more than extreme, and she wanted was 100 for every single subject , PS ; we were in primary school :/ . There was once, where I scored the highest in most subject and came first in the school, and well as expected, she told this to her parents and it was a big deal in school.tumblr_mtef89GFMy1s1ncoso1_500 As I was improving in every single test, she was hating me even more and I was loving it, literally :P. And Primary was over and the result was out, and I’ve got Straight A’s while she got 4’s and 1 B’. GOSH.  Btw, she’s married now. I’m glad she would be so happy to know she is ahead of  me in that. *ROFL*

5. The Drama Queen 

Finally, coming down to my soul sisters, ( hmm yeaah definitely,  I am a  not typical over exaggerating drama queen, yeaaah baby I’ve got my limits :P). Have you ever come across someone who literally lived a life of Bollywood, Hollywood and every Fantasy-wood ? Oh yes, I did. And It was NIGHTMARE  ! tumblr_lnssm5fHUG1qdvraco1_500 Yes, not only mine, but this one particular girl from my college was literally a drama queen as she would make every little issue as a big deal, even losing 20 cents seems to be a big tragedy to her.  And when there is no lunch for her, she would start a drama as if she was in Afghanistan and have been hungry for a couple of days – HEIGHTS ! I SWEAR she inhales drama, exhales drama, and drama runs in her soul, and I am very sure her blood group is D – ( Drama – LOL).ok_080713_the-hills-drama I still remembered a time when she was being the hot topic in college, and everyone was basically gossiping about her, and one day, I sat along one group that was against her , and she saw that. And to cheers to my bad luck, I had to take so much from her. Yes, she called me a backstabber, a not good friend and what not. It was annoying but it was super funny too πŸ˜› πŸ˜› ( I was actually holding my laugh πŸ˜› )  !  That was the day I stopped talking to her. And I know, where-ever she is now, I am sure she is over-flowing her drama. I guess right now, she must be complaining about how super cold the AC is.


All the above stories are from real incidents :P. People and the way they’re, have taught me so many things that I won’t be able to learn in books or articles. Yes, these are my real life lessons. I have no intention of saying bad stuffs about anyone, but it’s just stories that I would like to share with everyone. And yes, that is the reason, why I’ve not included name and the physical description of whom-ever in the stories above, and yes, if you’re reading this now, I would like to say thank you for being a part of my life, I gained lots of priceless experiences that made ME a better person. Thank you again from the very bottom of my heart <3.

I have known the joy and pain of friendship. I have served and been served. I have made some good enemies for which I am not a bit sorry. I have loved unselfishly, and I have fondled hatred with the red-hot tongs of Hell. That’s living.
― Zora Neale Hurston

One thought on “5 People That I will Never Forget.

  1. This one is awesome Sponge 😍!
    Learning from things around you instead of finding books about how to live your life.
    Really cool ❀😘

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