Running to a Rainbow.. 

New hopes ! New dreams ! – New Year ! Happy New Year !! I can’t believe we’re already on the sixth day of the year, and I feel like time is moving fast. Still not sure if it’s the time, me or just some solar system phenomenon 😛 . 

And speaking about New Year, there must be new resolutions too, therefore I’m gonna list down the resolutions I made this year 😉 : 

  1. Sleep less.. 
  2. Eat more..
  3. Waste more money..
  4. Stop working out.. 
  5. Resign from the current job.. 

And the list goes on..  

Gosh that was a tough one ! It took me *counts fingers* , argh , I really cannot figure it out, but roughly I think it took me – 5 MINUTES ! Oh yeah, you read it right 😛 .. Well, as we all know, resolutions are made so that we’ll never follow it , so whatever we write in our “Book of Resolution”,  don’t really matter. I’m not saying that ALL of us wouldn’t follow it, but seriously, it’s easier to count the number of people that are determined to accomplished their “ Mission Resolution” , then the ones that follows it. Well, all of them,  are indeed couch potatoes *raises hand, that includes me, hehehe – grins like ronald mcdonald* 😛 .

Based on the facts, you’ve read above 😛 ,  I’ve decided not to write any resolutions this year. Argh, not at all ! But that doesn’t make me a doubled couch potato 😛 ( I created this term – doubled couch potato, *raises eyebrow* cool isn’t it? 😉 😛 ) . I am just going to work them rather than writing down what I want to do, without doing a single thing to work it. It’s easier to write and pretend like I’m on some mission impossible thingy – who am I kidding? ( I really wish I was as hot as Tom Cruise, if I was a guy :/ , but I think its not late for a gender change operation – LOL JK , hehehe :/ *looks around like a thief 😐 * . 

Back to my “doubled couch potato” chapter, what I am saying is that, stop wasting that ink, and save the trees by not writing your resolutions on a piece of paper – when you know you not gonna do it ! :/ . I mean just stop this whole resolution fuss and just start doing it ! -_- , I know you’ll be able to do it, because I did, and it feels great. But in the end of the day – you’re the one to decide what you want to do in your life, so it doesnt really matter what I’ve wrote above 😛 . 

Happy New Year , Peeps ! Keep doing things that you love. Care less about what people think about you and never stop loving yourself 😉 ❤ . 

Till the next time we meet *counting days* … Ciao 😉 *bhaaaaagoooooooo* 😛 😉 

3 thoughts on “Running to a Rainbow.. 

  1. Explain to me something. How can you have a very serious and interesting title and write something completely out of the world. Like really a double couch potato?! I mean really?! *wink wink that was the best thing*

    Oh. What the hell is your resolution anyways?

    PS:- loved it. Made me laugh. Lol. Keep making me laugh. Xoxo


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