Title? Gosh not now.. 

Finally *phew* !

 Alright, not the first time I am writing on a blog, I have too much of them, *coughs*, well , guess sometimes we just got to start from scratch 😉 . Oh well, not gonna write an essay about myself, guess let me be “the one with the mask” 😉 , but I know my friends are reading this right now, yeah my fidus Achates, I love you all, now zip your mouth, i’ve got my eyes on you *raise the eyebrow* , okay not scary but it was fun. LOL. Anyways, if you’re looking for some sophiscated writing, Uh-no, you’re in the wrong nest, it’s on the other side of Google *giggles*. Okay, yeah I know, not funny -_- . Perhaps, I can write all these in a diary, but what’s the fun of writing in a book and keep it under your pillow or ( some other secret place 😉 😛 ) well, you know gonna send it to some recycle centre, and your book of dramas gonna vanish into a heap of recycling papers. Well, I won’t be able to bear that *black stream flowing from my eyes*, there goes my L’oreal , *the quote was certainly right, women tears are indeed EXPENSIVE*. *Snaps back into the scribbling process* – this is what keeps me content, and I love writing ( although sometimes it makes complete no sense, but who really cares? Atleast not me 😛 ) . 

Till the next time we meet *counting days* … Toodles 😉 *bhaaaaagoooooooo* 😛 😉 

4 thoughts on “Title? Gosh not now.. 

  1. Hehe that’s a good thing! Writing doesn’t necessarily mean that it should be written for someone or to please the reader’s.
    It’s like writing is to be done to empty your thoughts by pouring your heart out 😉 and this carefree writing is so jovial😍 keep doing it

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  2. This was awesome. I loved it. You’re an exceptionally great writer. You always put smile on my face. Love you. :* :* ❤


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